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About Us


NorTex Land Management exists to glorify God with the stewardship of the lands entrusted to us. Through reclamation, beautification, and maintenance of landowner properties, NorTex Land Management is focused on providing an all-around service to help our clients enjoy and better utilize their property while improving and cultivating the Earth that has been created not only for ourselves but our future generations.

   Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house. ~ Proverbs 24:27


Our Services

Current Hourly Rate: $150.00 (4 Hr Minimum if within 30 miles of Denison, Tx 75021) 

(8 Hr Minimum for areas more than 30 miles of Denison, Tx 75021)
Longer Mileage Fee:
Mileage is based on Denison, Texas 75021.
- 0-30 miles (No Fee) 
- 30-45 miles ($75.00)
- 45-60 miles (150.00)

Active Duty and Veterans Discounts - 10%
Referral $50 -$300 Depending on Job

1-2 days $50, 3-4 $150, 5+ $300



- Forestry Mulching
- Fence Line Clearing
- Woodlot Beautification
- Trails and Road Clearing
- Reclaim Overgrown Property
- Field and Pasture Reclamation
- House Lot Clearing*
- Food Plot Clearing and Prep
- Pipe Line Construction Clearing
- Power Line and Right-of-Way Maintenance

*(Minimum $1,500 per lot due to liability cost and the need for two 
workers, price dependent on nearby structures)


Hole drilling for fencing

Hole-centers to be marked by landowner unless otherwise specified.
($25 per hole) 6"(Dirt Only),9"(Dirt Only), & 12"(Dirt or Rock) to 4' deep  

($25 added per hole for fractural rock holes)
- $25 per hole over 4' up to 10'


Other Services Offered

- Dirt Work
- Road Construction
- Aggregate Spreading
- Grapple Bucket Work

- Brush Burning


Maintenance Opportunities

- Maintenace Contracts 
- Mulching* 

$125 an hour if done within 1 year of mulch (8 hour minimum)
- Maintenance is not offered for in-town lots

Recommended Businesses

Saltzman Metal Works Logo.jpg

Saltzman Metal Works (903) 821-1372

Whether metal railings, custom fabrication, or full on metal buildings they got you covered.  I met Drew many years ago in college and since then he has become the leading buyer at Mueller Metals in Grayson County.

Cutting Woods
Cutting Woods

Landowner Responsibilities

While we understand that not all things can be avoided, our machines are not equipped to mulch up metal.  As such we will make every effort to go around or remove any metal that is exposed on the surface of the ground while we are operating our equipment.  In the event we do hit metal left behind we will be forced to add a charge based on the number of teeth broken on our machine. The price for replacement teeth can be found at Home | Hendrix Timber Mulchers Online, depending on if we are running carbide teeth due to rocky soil or blades the price may vary tremendously, but expect a cost of 40-100 per tooth in the event of breakage.  Having said that, we prefer to never have to encounter such situations and respectfully request that if you know of any areas containing such materials, we can avoid them all together.

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What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

“Buford did an amazing job at grading the land to our pond.  He was courteous and asked me if I liked the final result.  A week later my neighbors commented on how they love that we did the grading to help with the water flow in the pastures nearby.  Highly recommend!!  I'm ready for them to come start my next project!”

Chantel Hattaway

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