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About Us

Meet the Owner & Manager


My name is Buford Richardson and I have a passion for the outdoors and caring for our land for future generations. I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful kids who enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.  I met Neal Vaughn a few years ago and at that time outdoor conservation and land management was just a dream of mine; however, I found that the two of us had similar beliefs.  It didn't take long for conversations about our passions and a love for Christ to stir into a friendship, and ultimately the push I needed to take a chance on my dreams.  I've always loved hunting and fishing, as nature is my place of recharge.  However, it wasn't until I was a landowner that I understood the value of what I had and how I needed to fight to preserve it. It is easy to bulldoze land and get it ready for a home, but it in the end it’s more rewarding to use the trees on your land to build the infrastructure, craft a kitchen table, or even use wood to fuel the fireplace. I desire to teach my kids to be good stewards of what God has provided, to harvest from the land, and give back to it in the process.  As I utilize the skills and knowledge of fabrication and carpentry to make things that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, the realization of my vision of stewardship comes to fruition. While NorTex Land Management is in its infancy, the desire to better ourselves and our community will only continue to grow.



My name is Neal Vaughn I have a beautiful wife and two kids.  My family has always dreamed of having a regenerative farm one day where we can raise all sorts of livestock, as well as maintain a large garden and grow as many trees as possible. At this stage of my life I’m extremely focused on legacy. I want my children to understand business, understand how to steward land, and provide them with an outlook of hope on what God has blessed us with. Raising my kids in the nurturing and admonition of the Lord with a deep appreciation for this Earth that has been created for us is a key element to my household. I hope to see my children running machines alongside me that can better the land, as well as managing everything we have been entrusted with. I love being blessed with the ability to share landowners’ vision for their property and take part in shaping a future for them and their family. Educating folks on the various trees and plants, as well as what can be done with the terrain on their property is an added advantage that NorTex Land Management has. Recognizing appropriate tree spacing as well as desirable hardwoods, nut bearing trees, and wildlife cover allows me to better serve you.  With a layman’s education in woodworking and various properties of trees, I’m equipped to educate you on what makes good timber and the potential that larger trees hold when it comes time for them to be cut.  My favorite place to be is on the land. Whether that’s 1 acre or a 1,000, I love exploring and showing folks the massive potential that is hidden in every tract. You won’t be disappointed with what NorTex Land Management has to offer you and your property.

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